How does it work?

Medicinal Cannabis is an unregistered medicine and requires approval from the federal and state government. Cannabis Access Clinics streamlines the access process in a straightforward 4-step process. Not all patients will be eligible and suitability will be determined by our medical team at each step in the process.

Book a Screening

Our team will explain the requirements for obtaining medicinal cannabis in Australia, and the process for approval.  They will assess your case to see if you may be a suitable candidate, before you see one of our doctors. Screening appointments take less than 15 minutes and can be completed via Phone call or video (telehealth) from the comfort of your own home.

Book Screening Appointment

See our Doctor

Our doctor will assess your condition and make a decision about whether to apply for medicinal cannabis on your behalf. Before seeing our doctors, patients must have a referral and health summary from their regular GP or Specialist and complete a consent form. Doctor consultations can be done via video (telehealth) or in person at one of our clinic locations.

Doctor Referral Form
Consent Form

Approval and Script

If our medical team determines that medicinal cannabis is a suitable treatment for you, we will apply for approval from the necessary authorities and your prescription can be dispensed.

Ongoing Monitoring

All Cannabis Access Clinics patients undergo strict monitoring to assess the outcome of treatment. Monitoring is done at approximately monthly intervals.

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