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Founded in 2017, Cannabis Access Clinics is one of New Zealand's health centres focussed on medicinal cannabis treatments. We guide you through your Patient Journey to quickly and efficiently assess the suitability of medicinal cannabis products for you as a patient.

Our Patient Champions make sure you're informed and comfortable at every step of the process, while our specialized medicinal cannabis healthcare professionals manage your application and appropriate treatment. Our doctors will continue to support you for the duration of your treatment, adjusting dosage levels as required.

Products prescribed by Cannabis Access Clinics network doctors are legally available for prescription and supply in New Zealand. These products contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is where the medicinal properties of cannabis lie. CBD is a class B1 controlled drug in New Zealand, but Ministry of Health approval is not required to prescribe, supply or administer products for medical purposes if they meet the definition of a CBD product, according to The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Regulations 2017.

Note that individual patients are not permitted to import CBD or any other cannabis-based products. A maximum of three months’ supply is allowed on a prescription for CBD products. Please visit the Ministry of Health website for more information.

Cannabis Access Clinics is headquartered in Auckland and supports patients around the country via telehealth consultations.

Our medical team is backed by an allied health team with deep knowledge and experience in regulatory requirements for medicinal cannabis approvals. Our team collaborates closely with patients’ existing GP and Specialist(s) to keep them informed about the progress of consultations and approval applications. We also provide ongoing monitoring and reporting of patient status to patients clinicians via Case Conferencing.

Our Leadership

Our team consists of healthcare professionals in medicine, pharmacy and nursing. All of our practitioners are registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

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